Logistics / Customer service / The importance of logistics in customer service

There is a tendency to delegate the responsibility of customer service to departments such as marketing or sales rather than integrating it into the logistics system. But its importance has been proven in the behavior of customers, sometimes superior to price, quality and other elements of marketing, finance and production. It has already been proven that the effect of Marketing Mix (price, product, promotion and location) does not contribute equally to market share, and the logistics elements are more important for customers.


For some time, it is believed that service levels influence sales. Given the importance of customer service logistics, this could be improved if there was a knowledge of the relationship between sales and logistics levels, ie what changes exist in sales after a change in logistics levels. There is a need to express this relationship mathematically. A problem arises, however, to relate the exact behavior of sales to a level or to changes in logistics services. This relationship is difficult to obtain because clients do not always clearly define their preferences, nor do they consistently respond to the level of service delivery.


However, the sensitivity of the customers to the services provided by the suppliers is explicitly documented. Consequently, improving services means reducing inventory costs for the customer by assuming that the quality of the product and its price are not inflated by the improvement of services. Thus, buyers are pressured to become loyal to the suppliers that offer the best services, a fact that can be proven by the efficiency of the market in relation to the service delivery with the reduction of costs, which are offered by our company FLOGISTICA.

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