Flogistica Comércio Internacional Ltda


With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, FLOGISTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL develops integrated and customized logistics solutions to make your company increasingly competitive in the market in which it operates. Focused on the specificity of each segment and the needs of each customer, we offer differentiated solutions for Outsourcing Logistics Operations  and also specialized consultancy focused on seeking the best productivity for its logistics operation.
Our experience in logistics chain management allows us to deliver a global service of differentiated quality. Count on  FLOGISTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL to minimize risks, reduce fixed costs of storage and distribution that do not add value to the product.

30 Years of History

 More than 3.240,000 Tons of Ornamental Stones Inspected and Exported
 More than 199 Mapped Reserves
 More than 130 Classic Granites in the Portfolio
 More than 101 Feldspars, Quartzites and Crystals in the Portfolio

Since 1990, FLOGISTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL has been synonymous with pioneering and tradition in the export of ornamental stones from Brazil.
Over the last 30 years, the company has established itself as one of the leading exporters of ornamental stones to North America with prominence to the United States and South America with prominence to Argentina. 

Innovation and Creativity to create a company capable of generating a true revolution in the Market

Throughout years of acting in large companies in the segment passing through prominent positions, the now Executives of FLOGISCTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL have developed a new concept in the Provision of Services in Logistics and Transport.
This innovative and unprecedented concept in Brazil consolidates years of experience lived by the founders of FLOGISTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL , in conducting their careers to Intense Market Research conducted in the most developed countries of the globe, especially in the North American Market.
The result of this equation created FLOGISTICA COMÉRCIO INTERNACIONAL , more than a concept, a real, innovative and motivated company, that now presents a real revolution to the Brazilian and International Market.